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Workflow action that would allow receipient to download, modify/update, and then upload the document to the library or list.

Question asked by sjaffar on Aug 22, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by alexjolynintex

I am trying to build a workflow for the following requirements:


Purpose of the workflow is to collect electronic signatures from three different supervisors using a PDF document. Once the document is uploaded in the library or list, the workflow will send the first request first supervisor, and after collecting the required signatures, the workflow will send the signed form to the second supervisor for his signatures.


The issue I am having is that I don’t know which workflow tool/action would allow the first user to read and electronically sign the form, and then upload the form to the library or list, so the workflow will send that form to the second supervisor. Now it is important that the second supervisor must receive the PDF form with signatures from the first supervisor. I have used the “assign flexi task” but it does not allow the user to upload the document again to the library. Can someone tell which workflow action(s) would do the trick for me?