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Nintex Formatting Rule Working as Intended?

Question asked by mkundera on Aug 20, 2015
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I have setup a series of text fields that are hidden based on the value of their corresponding radio button (options "Yes" and "No"). The rules in Nintex are set to use the "Named Control" and so should work on runtime. Everything works fine when creating a new item on the "New" form but when we open the item in the "Edit" form and toggle back and forth between "No" to "Yes" then back to "No" (etc...) the text field will become unhidden once and will not become hidden again. This does not occur if the control is a dropdown menu, therefore it only occurs with radio button controls. Additionally it only occurs when the control is "Connected" to an item in my Sharepoint list. If I change it to "Not Connected" then the control hides and unhides as one would expect.


Have I found a bug of some sort or is this working as intended?