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Can I define a SharePoint group for setting item permissions using a variable

Question asked by whatlove on Aug 20, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by cazza162

I want to set the item permissions for submitted requests based on the site that submitted the request.  Each site has a SharePoint group with a name formatted "[site code] Members" where [site code] is the 3 character site code for each site and is an item property.  I created a workflow which sets a text variable to "[Site Code] Members", then sets item permission using that variable as the user.  When I run the workflow it says that the user is not found, even though it reads exactly right.  Is it possible to achieve this goal?


For a more specific example, I type "TUA Members" into the "Users" field in my workflow and it resolves the group name immediately.  When I leave it as the variable and run the workflow, the workflow output is "No user has been found with specified username "TUA Members".


Is there a way to dynamically define a SharePoint group name like this?