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Nintex Workflow Steps

Question asked by cvuppala on Aug 20, 2015
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I am New To Nintex and trying to build a workflow with following scenario.


1) An Item is created and is assigned to a user through "Assigned To" Field.

2) Workflow should calculate Due date based on the Item Created Date. i.e Created Date + 5 days.

3) Workflow should send an email notification to the person in the "Assigned To" field specifying the link to the item they need to edit and the due Date.

3) Workflow should send email reminder 2 days before the due date if the "status" field is not "Completed" and every day until it is completed.

4) Once the status is "completed", the workflow should send an email to the initiator that the form is completed.


Please suggest some steps on how to achieve this using Nintex,