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Nintex Mobile App Forms customization

Question asked by alberto.molina-arribere on Aug 20, 2015
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I am using the "Nintex Mobile" application on a windows phone and tablet but I have some problems developping the mobile devices forms with nintex:

  • I cannot change the font size and look of a any label control. Independently of the police and font size I choose, the text inside the label looks the same… If I reference a nintex constant in a label (or any other control) it looks like it cannot be read by the application either.
  • I am also having troubles with some rules attached to specific controls, like for example, a simple “No Edit” rule (disable the selected control whenever the form is in edit mode). I get an error message in the preview and published forms : “Included Control function non valid”
  • Last but not least, I have a list of pending “tasks” in my "Nintex Mobile" application that do not actually exist, either because they were deleted from Sharepoint or because they were completed a long time ago. Is there a way to delete all those pending tasks


I do not know If you have been experiencing the same issues but in my opinion, the nintex mobile app would much more useful if its forms were easier to customize.