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Conditional start missing in office 365

Question asked by niteshteja on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by rawalam

Hello everyone,


Similar to this link The specified item was not found. conditionals are missing in office 365. According to my requirement I have to trigger a workflow when I click on save and submit button in the list, created using nintex forms. And should save my list items by clicking on save button in the form by not triggering the workflow. Followed this, Nintex Forms - Save or Submit - Vadim Tabakman , great tutorial. To negotiate the absence of conditionals in start, I have used filter action in my workflow. It works well. The problem with it is the workflow is triggered on both the cases(save and, save and submit) since I have published my workflow by checking, "start when an item is created".


What I want to do is uncheck the option, start when item is created while publishing the workflow and add an customized javascript to the save and submit button(on-click event) which triggers the workflow. Is this possible ? If yes, can you guys share necessary resources?


Thank you,

Nitesh Teja