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infopath form: need to set a checkbox w/xml or xpath

Question asked by on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2015 by kojeeman

Hey All,


We're running 2010 everything (SharePoint, InfoPath Forms & Services, Nintex Workflow). I have a workflow that makes a copy of an InfoPath form. Everything works including the repeating table rows amazingly, but have one last hurdle: I'm saving the original form's control values in Nintex Workflow variables, and the CheckBoxes get saved as True or False. But when I try to assign the variables' values to the new CheckBoxes, it doesn't work. When I open the new form get a red mandatory outline around the checkbox as if it expects that checkbox require a value (which is weird because unchecked is a value). Does anyone know the XPath to update the value of an InfoPath CheckBox from an Update XML block in Nintext Workflow?