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Can the Created By Column be used to email a user

Question asked by jerops on Aug 17, 2015
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I'm new to Nintex and just getting started.  I've created a very basic form where a user submits some required information.  I have the workflow attached to the form set to email the moderator letting them know a new submission has been submitted.  The moderator receives the email and then reviews the information.  There is a moderation section where there is a textbox, where the moderator provides some information.  There is another dropdown control where the moderator marks the status complete.  The workflow sees the status is marked complete and is set up to email back the user the moderator notes.


Everything works very well, it's a pretty basic form, except I cannot get the moderator notes to be emailed back to the person who submitted the form.


I have tried using the created by column and it's default setting username and then email address.  I have also tried In the To field, click on the List Lookup icon. Select Workflow Context and then Initiator.


Neither option will not send back an email back to the user who submitted the form.


Shouldn't one of those way send the person who submitted the form/kicked off the workflow the email?


Any suggestions and advice is very much appreciated.