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Asking questions during approval

Question asked by edessy on Aug 14, 2015
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I am looking for a solution to the following case (with Nintex Workflow 2013) :


I have document to approve. But during the approval, I want the approver can ask a question to someone.

I would like the question and answer appear in the history of the workflow.  Note that the approver cannot approve ot reject before having his answer.

There are multiple approver, then, they can all ask questions in the same time.


I tried this solution :

Two workflows :

     - One for the approval (main workflow)

     - One for the "Ask Question" : start with a form where approver select the recipient of the question and the question in a textbox


In the approval form (Nintex Form), I add a button ("Ask Question") that redirect to the Start Worfklow page of "Ask Question".

==> Ok it works but :

   - Only one instance of a workflow is permitted (i need multiple task for asking question)

   - It's a separate workflow, then, if dont have any history in the main workflow


Is there a solution?

Can we add a new task in the main workflow without approve the document?