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I am working with NINTEX OFFICE365. Single valued look up

Question asked by mbhattacharyanetwoven on Aug 13, 2015
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I am working with NINTEX OFFICE365. I have a form where I can get the user name by calculated field that get refreshed in edit and crete option everytime. Now I want to get the manager of that user name from a sharepoint list, inside that form that will be refreshed when a form is opened in edit or create mode. I am getting that value by list look up i.e. in dropdown at index 1-th position. How to get that value as a single valued in textbox or in label during form load. I tried with Jquery but found after document.load that textbox is empty since I found that the list look or dropdown getting populated after few seconds of the Jquery document.load function. How do I do this one?Is there any single value look up during form design or it will be available in future versions? Please help me. I need it urgently