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How Can I obtain multiple 'Display Names' from multiple IDs in a People/Group field types to use in an email 'send notification' workflow action?

Question asked by drewa on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by itrippedover

The method described here: Retrieve a user's Display name from their login (as well as on similar posts) seems to work, but the example uses only 1 ID in the people/group field. When I attempted to use it for a workflow which used a people/group field which allowed multiple IDs, it did not work. In fact, I could not get the LDAP method to work at all. I could only get the web service method to work, but only for a single ID in the people/group field. Note my comments at the bottom of that article. Any assistance is much appreciated.

(BTW, as noted in my comments there, compared to the ease of how this is accomplished in SharePoint Designer, I was surprised it is so difficult in Nintex workflow. So, I've added it as an enhancement request. See Ability to Quickly Select Ouput 'style' of 'display name' for People/Group Field in Send Notification Action – Customer …  Please vote for it!)