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Combine two drop down answers to set a new column

Question asked by on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by jimmy.hang

Hi all,


I'm currently doing a trial of Nintex and I've been asked to create a proof of concept for management although I've only trialled really simple stuff so far.


We've picked a business form and process to "Convert" to Nintex but I have a question regarding the best way to achieve the following as I'm not sure what workflow I should create or even if it's a workflow piece or maybe a form piece.


So, on a form there will be two drop downs:


ColumnA and ColumnB. A will have 5 separate selections and B will have another 5.


I have a matrix which shows the results of all the combinations of A and B. E.g. If A1 and B1 are selected then the result will be Low, A1/B2 is Low, A1/B5 is Moderate, etc...There are 25 possible combinations which cover 4 results


Whatever result is obtained through the combination selection then needs to be placed in a SP column and become part of the workflow, so at the end of the workflow it's included in the notification. The results need to be hidden or calculated from the drop downs as the end user can't make the result decision on their own.


How could I go about this?? Thanks....