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JQuery code to manually tick a list lookup value [Display format: Check boxes (Multiple-Selection)] don't seem to work any more after installing Nintex forms v2.7.0.0 update

Question asked by ninlims2e on Aug 12, 2015

Hi All,

   After upgraded Nintex Forms version is installed, I realise that JQuery code to tick a checkbox in a list lookup (Display format: Check boxes (Multiple-Selection)) on Nintex Form don't work any more.


For Example,


Client ID JavaScript variable: LookUpControlJSName


Form - Custom JavaScript:     NWF$("#"+LookUpControlJSName).find("input")[0].checked=true;


Does anyone have this problems?  Does anyone have a solution to this?


In previous version, the above line used to work.  It tick the first checkbox of the list lookup (Display format: Check boxes (Multiple-Selection)).


Now I get an error below on that line:

"Unable to set property 'checked' of undefined or null reference"


Would be greatly appreciated if anyone can tell me how I can tick a checkbox in a list lookup via JavaScript/JQuery on Nintex Forms version


Thanks in Advance.