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How can I check the site permissions for a specific user?

Question asked by dennisbosse on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by schneika

Use case

We have a global project repository with separate subsites per country. A workflow has been set up to create project sites below the respective country site. By default, permissions are inherited from the country site. All users are assigned to country specific user groups. Only a country specific user group has access to their projects. However, sometimes colleagues from other regions have to support a project in a different country and, therefore, require access.


Now I want to grant employees access to a site based on list item Information provided, i.e. user name and permission level(s)


Since I only want to break inheritance if the user doesn't have permissions for the site, I Need to check the current permissions this particular user has.


Is there a web Service command readily available which provides this result?

Or do I have to retrieve the permissions from the permissions web Service and loop through all users / user Groups and see if this user already has access rights?


Many thanks in advance