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How to start a workflow only if initiator belongs to a sharepoint group

Question asked by alberto.molina-arribere on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by alberto.molina-arribere

I would like to create a workflow that only gets started if the initiator belong to a given sharepoint user group (called "Assistant").

I have already created the Initial Nintex Form as well as the Nintex Workflow associated to a SharePoint list.

The idea is that only the users belonging to the "Assitant" group have the possibility to start the workflow. The first "solution" I figured out was to start the workflow and then check whether or not the initiator belongs to the Assistant group (calling a webservice to retrieve the list of users in the Assitant group and then comparing the collection to the initiator, shown below, GetUserColectionFromGroup,...).

This solution is not the proper one since the workflow starts and then terminates depending on the initiator.

I would like the check to be done in the initial form (before the workflow starts), using custom javascript (since the standard nintex validation tools do not allow this kind of check), that way, if the initiator does not belong to the appropriate group, nothing will be created in the Sharepoint list.


Can anybody help me?