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How Do I Update an Item or Set a Field Value Based on a Combination of values in two or more fields?

Question asked by drewa on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by drewa

I'm creating a workflow that will assign a support issue to a specific technologist(s) based on a combination of field values such that:


Assigned To (people/group field type) in the first list will be equal to 'Responsible' (people/group field type) in the second list when 'Application' in the first list equals 'Application' in the second list AND when 'Category' in the first list equals 'Category' in the second list.


Regardless of using either the Update Item or Set Field Value action, settings appear to only provide for comparing one field for a specific value. I need to do so for two fields. Note the bottom portion of the screen capture which I mocked up from the Update Item configuration panel...



The only thing I can think to do is set up a calculated field in the second list which concatenates the Application and Category fields, then concatenating the same values in the first list and current item, storing them as a single workflow variable then performing the single field comparison provided for in the real configuration panel for either action. However, that seems a bit of a hack and inelegant. Is there a cleaner method?  I humbly apologize, but I am coming from the perspective of SharePoint Designer which does provide the ability to set a field value/update an item based on multiple field comparison tests using boolean operators ('and' and 'or')