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Update Document Error: "Error Updating document. 'data/Proxy' has an invalid token."

Question asked by amcmahon on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by amcmahon

Good afternoon! I've created a workflow in Nintex Workflow 2013, that I'm hoping will update a document within a document set. I've used logic to get the URL to the document that I want to update, and I've added controls to the document and added it to the document set. I *can* successfully read from the controls. When I try to write to the document, I get the following error:


Error Updating Document. 'data/Proxy' has an invalid token.


A little bit of background, my control title is simply "Proxy", so it appears 'data/' is being added.

What are some things I can test to try and correct this issue?  Is this because the document is not a 'template', but is indeed a .docx?




Thanks in advance!