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How can I compare two multiple value fields in a query?

Question asked by harmsze on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by kojeeman

I am trying to do get the contacts that will be interested in a document:

  • On a document library, we upload documents and tag them with multiple values in a managed metadata field called Interest.
  • We have a Contacts list, in which contacts are also tagged with a managed metadata field called Interest.
  • To get the contacts who would be interested in a document, we have a workflow (that is started manually) then queries a Contacts lists and picks up the contacts that are tagged with one of the Interest values of the document.


This works with the attached workflow, provided the contacts have only one interest (or if the documents have only one interest), the condition then reads: If ContactInterest contains Interest or Interest contains ContactInterest.
However, this does not work if both the document has multiple themes of interest and the contacts have multiple interests.


Does anybody know how I can pick up the relevant contacts, if both the document and the contact has multiple values in the metadata field Interest?