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Action when terminate workflow

Question asked by phihung515 on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2015 by mark.viglione

Hi all,


I currently use Nintex workflow for SharePoint 2010, I try to create a "Review workflow" but got some problems need help:

- Document status is "Draft" before send to "Review workflow" (this is custom SharePoint field)

- First action is change status to "Reviewing".

- Second action is a Assign Flexi task has 2 outcomes: "Reviewed" (set status to Reviewed) and "Draft" (set status to Draft) with behavior is "All must agree on a specific outcome": Reviewed


I got some problem:

- When user terminate workflow (without vote task) there is no action to set status back to "Draft", the status will be "Reviewing"

- Is there any way to configure the workflow to wait all other participant to review and vote the task, with default behavior, when only one participant choose option Draft => document will go to "Draft" status.