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Get subfolder - query list not working

Question asked by glenda on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by b_dheeraj


  • Each meeting can have multiple nota's. Each nota can have multiple documents.
  • Each time a nota (list item with attachment) is created that belongs to a meeting, my WF creates a folder in a seperate document library, named as the meeting (it's a unique string)
  • Afterwards my WF creates a subfolder in the meeting folder, named as the ID of my nota (unique).
  • Then some more magic happens and my workflow ends



  • When the attachments are deleted for one of my notes, I want to delete the subfolder as well
  • I would like to do a query list to find out whether a subfolder already exists having the ID of my nota as name
    • I check for "name = ID of my nota" as query
    • Does not work, I do not get any results at all
    • Works perfect for the first folder level (name = meeting name), not sublevel
    • Tried checking the "Recursive" checkbox already, no luck


Some great minds having a solution?