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Extend task due date

Question asked by nesslars on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by fhunth

Hi everyone,


I have an interesting dilemma that I'm hoping someone can help with. I have a workflow where a flexi task is assigned with a due date. Parallel to this task is a reminder process for the initiator to nominate whether to extend the due date or cancel the workflow if the due date is reached. When they choose extend, I'd like the workflow to update the due date on the pending flexi task and let the task assignees know they have more time to complete it.


I've set the workflow up and the due date updates fine, but I am finding when the update happens, the workflow sets the task to 'Response not required', even though the outcome and progress is not started.


Can anyone suggest a way to update the due date without cancelling the task like this?