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My nintex form is not saving the data in SharePoint List 2013?

Question asked by ashishksi on Aug 4, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by ashishksi

I have created Nintex form for my SharePoint list.Nintex Forms has some rules for hiding and disabling the fields in edit and new mode.

Form has a JavaScript for start and end date validation as well for conversion of day and hour calculation for some fields.

It was working perfectly fine 3 days back but recently data is not being saved in the list neither in new mode and edit mode.


Options I have to resolve the issue but failed:


Option 1: Removed all the JavaScript in Nintex form - It didn't worked

Option 2: Saved the same list as template and created a fresh list using that template. Then created the Nintex form for that - It didn't worked


Please suggest the solution and root cause.