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Nintex Form validations not triggering when using Client Click

Question asked by dswapnil on Jul 31, 2015
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I'm using a SP list form as a modal window in another parent SP list. The modal window has a repeating section and I have added validation rules on the user input fields inside the repeating section. I also want to pass a value from the modal window back to the calling parent list form. To do that, I use the method "SP.UI.ModalDialog.CommonModalDialogClose" with parameters to return the value to the calling parent list form. This all works fine, except that when I use the Client Click event, the native Nintex form validation functions aren't called. It seems that when using Client Click, the Nintex form validations are overridden by the method that I call in the Client Click. The form validations work fine when I remove the method from the Client Click.


Is there a way to call the Nintex form validations JS function in the Client Click of a button? If so, what is the exact name of the function to call?


Thank you!