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Using Flexi-task and Update field in same workflow - Workflow not finishing

Question asked by bigdaddydiesel on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by bigdaddydiesel

I am currently developing a workflow which queries lists, sets variable and updates fields in the current list that the workflow is running on.


If after these processes, I create a Flexi-task, all the above work without errors and I receive an email to respond to task. I respond to task successfully and then the workflow never goes beyond that point. I have waited up to 48 hrs and nothing moves. HOWEVER, when I disable only the 'Update Item' within the workflow, it works quickly and fast.


I have set permissions to full control for the service account and users just in case. When the update item is enabled, the item is updated correctly in the list, but the Flexi-task and Assign task do not work.


I have recreated from scratch over and over. I have also tried on other site collections.