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"Expression" entry missing when trying to populate "Current User" on People Picker field.

Question asked by riso on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by pietervanderpoort

Hi folks, I am using Nintex Forms to create simple approval form. My goal is to pre-populate the "Requestor' field with the current user entry. I am using People Picker control called "Requestor", connected to "Person or Group" column type called "Requestor" on my list. When going to the "Default value source" field on Control settings, it is missing the "Expression" entry, it only shows "Use connected field" or "Specify default value". If I select "Specify default value", it opens the "Default value" field and allows me to choose "Current User", and it even shows the current user on the Form preview. However once I publish, it is not pre-filled on the actual form. What's funny, when entering new name on the actual form entry, it suddenly populates both entries and throws error that only one is allowed. I must be missing something trivial, can you guys help, pleas? Thanks a lot...