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Request Data from collection variable

Question asked by gderoeck on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by tim.walwyn

I have a SharePoint list that contains three items that define three people with a column of Item Active (type Yes/No) and Employee Name (Person) column.  In my workflow, I have queried this list for items that have the Item Active field marked as Yes, returning two list items.  I store the Employee Name values into a collection variable.  So now I have a collection variable containing two People fields.


Then, I set up a Request Data action, using the collection variable in the "Collect data from *" field.  When I run this workflow, it errors saying that it "Cannot get the full name or e-mail address of user "".".


Is there a way to get this working?  I would like to use a list for managing our employees and not a SharePoint group - if that's possible.  Does a collection variable not work as the source of the field "Collect data from *"?


Thank you in advance.