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Starting another workflow on the same item by another use - Bug

Question asked by hsaab on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by tposzytek

HI everybody,


I find a very strange bug with Nintex workflow on office 365.

I have one list that has 3 workflows associated with it, 2 of them start manually (WF A and WF B)and one start automatically when I create an item (WF C)

When I create an item, the workflow C starts, and inside the WF C, I start WF A which is a 3 step approval workflow. I start the WF A on the same list item.

Here is the bug:

- When I create an item, and I set on my workflow C  "Start Workflow A" configuration, the username and pwd to my user; then the Workflow A is started and everything works well - I pass the ID of the current item in the Start Workflow Action

- HOWEVER, when I create an item and I set on my workflow C "start workflow A" configuration, the username and pwd to another admin account (site collection admin and site owner), then when the workflow A is started, it gets stopped and I see on the log of the workflow A history the following error:


I tried to copy paste the link on the history log (ITem 56) and I indeed arrive to the existing item that I'm creating. For some reasons, when the user that starts the workflow(initiator) is different than the one that starts the WF A from WF C; then it collapses and it doesn't work.


I have no idea why this is happening, I checked both the permission of "me" and of the "other account user", and both have full control on the list !


Anybody has any ideas ?