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Set a condition task not working

Question asked by dimitriosd on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by dimitriosd

Hi there,


I am totally new on Nintex and have the instruction to built up a workflow with a condition. Users upload in a SharePoint 2013 List an Excel Form and the Workflow starts.

So far so good. Now based on a specific Name Condition of the Title of the Excel File I need to forward the workflow to a specific user. For example, if the title of the excel file contains the word "Deca" than the person "xyz" needs to approve this.


I am trying to do this with "If any value equals value" Where "Value" "- "Title" contains Value - "Deca" this is somehow not working. Is there a way to do this like I am thinking of or do I need to rethink my setting ?


Thanks a lot for any help on this