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creating a workflow to ask for inputs from various services

Question asked by triscia on Jul 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by maxmanzero

I have created a workflow that basically is when there is a supply that needs to be ordered, the requesting services enters the item and then I need it to go to a purchasing dept to enter and purchase order, date and expected delivery, then once that is completed I need it to go to receiving for them to enter their data when the items are received and where they are delivered to. I had a basic workflow that sends a notification to each department once information is entered, but I didn't like that in the send notification it didn't give a link to the item in SharePoint to go to enter the appropriate data for each service. Then I created a Flexi task and it seemed to get hung up and then I tried to enter a request for data and it didn't work either. I am new to workflows and trying to learn and the workflow actions can get a little confusing. Can anyone help. TIA!