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What are the possible reasons for [InputUserName] : Invalid Email Address resulting in suspended workflow?

Question asked by duane on Jul 27, 2015
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I am faced with the following error message which is logged to the Workflow History by the system:

Some parameters failed the validation check.

- [InputUserName] : Invalid email address.


This happens when one of the following Nintex Actions are used:

Office 365 create site

Office 365 create navigation

Office 365 create list item or document set


The error follows the usage of email address and password where Site Owner matches the below mentioned email address:



It does not matter if this action runs inside and App Step, the same error is seen.


Let's take a practical example using Action Office 365 create site.


The above mentioned error is seen in the Workflow History and the workflow is suspended.


However when I keep the Site Owner as and use a different Username and Password:

I no longer get the error, BUT, the Site Owner is successfully added to the newly created site and therefore must indicate that is a valid email address? I am positive that when using the username and password in the first instance they were configured correctly - I suspect some other issue?


Looking forward to responses and discussion :-)