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Date column item not required.  What are the constraints of working with Date?  Can date data Type variable be empty/null? ...

Question asked by monicapope on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by monicapope

I created a site WF to send status reports as an HTML table.   I'm stuck because it seems like the date type variable cannot be null/empty.


My workflow has to loop through the items in the list and right them on the email/table.

- I'm able to query the list and get results

- Everything works well if all the date columns have data in it.

Seems' like I can't use collection operations (get) in an empty column either if the column doesn't have any date.  It works if I have at least one item in the column date has data.

Every effort to work around if date is empty fails with different errors or results.

- Variable with "blank" adds a 1/1/0001 date to the variable - I need this to be blank if there's not date.

- Collection operations with get, or clear in a For Each loop gives me an error: "Data type returned from the collection is incompatible with the variable to store the result in."  

- I tried a Run if, Set a Condition and a state machine if count of items in the column is zero or field is empty

- Also tried to compare if results = 1/1/0001 then set a variable to blank ...


Nothing seems to work on date null/empty/blank.


I'm not able to add a Filter action into the WF, it just doesn't do add.


Has anyone have experienced this issue?  Have a workaround?  Solution?  Suggestion?




p.s. on WF 2013.