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Workflow does not start when creating new item using 'Copy to SharePoint'

Question asked by naessj on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by jackgelo

I have a process where I use a drop-off SP Document Library for all users to 'park' document. A NINTEX 2013 WF will after approvals 'Copy to SharePoint' the document to another Permanent Document Library. In the Permanent library I use Document Sets and the Copy to SharePoint copies the document successfully from the Drop Off library to the Permanent library.


But a workflow I want to start on 'new item create' in the Permanent library does not start when the new item is created using Copy to SharePoint. Inside the Copy to SharePoint action I am using an elevated permission user with (more than) enough permissions to start a workflow in any library in the site. When manually adding a new document directly into the Permanent library the workflow starts fine.


Any ideas?