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Cancel a workflow using parallel action?

Question asked by gderoeck on Jul 24, 2015
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I would like the ability for a user to update a field on a form and have the running workflow identify that the field was changed and then cancel/terminate the workflow.  Is this possible?  I was thinking I could start with a parallel action, one side would be the actual workflow, the other branch would have a look that periodically checks the field to see if it has changed.  Then, if it does change, it would proceed with canceling the workflow.  I've tried to set this up by putting a loop in the cancel branch that checks the field every 5 minutes, but it doesn't seem to work.  It's very possible that I may be setting up my loop action incorrectly.  Is there a better method to do this, or is there a way to set up my loop action that would allow me to do this?


Thank you in advance.