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Question asked by jool on Jul 22, 2015
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I created a workflow to follow a list content. This is an open item/task list - it consist of several column and among these are also: user, product family and item status (Open/Close).

I created a workflow that query all open item. I saved it in 3 collections: the list ID, users and product family(XXX,YYY,ZZZ). I then removed duplicate for the users and product family and with For Each (Each users) inside For Each (each product family) I go through the list and count the items. in the inner For each I have a log that will finally display in the workflow status page in SharePoint:

Comment......       Name: user

Comment......      XXX: 10

Comment......      YYY:6

Comment......      ZZZ: 4



Now come my question - how do I extract this log outside the For Each to create one log that includes the same message as above but for all users:


Name: user1

open item in

XXX: 10


ZZZ: 4


Name: user2

open item in

XXX: 4


ZZZ: 1


and etc..


Creating several variable is a problem since I don't know the number of users or number of product family prior to my first query.

in attachment : you can see at the bottom my Log in History that works during each iteration. I would like to assemble all of the log into one log at the end

Any suggestion?