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Nintex Forms on Flexi Tasks can cause Document Check In

Question asked by beckettj on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2015 by beckettj

I still have to absolutely confirm this in a test environment, but here's what I just witnessed and verified (just lost most of the morning looking at it)...


If you connect fields in a Workflow Task using a Nintex Form to workflow variables, it causes the document related to the workflow to silently check in when the task is submitted.


In my case I had a library workflow to do approvals of versioned documents - with a state machine with a "management" branch, where the user has a flexi task to choose the next route for the state machine to take. The flexi task uses a Nintex Form, and has an extra field on it connected to a workflow variable. Here's the clue to what was going on - when the task was submitted, the form took some time to submit - following that the workflow complained that the document was not checked out (even though it's approval status was still "Draft").


To resolve it, I added a conditional block after the rogue task, requesting a checkout if the "checked out by" field is empty (and then waited for the checkout to happen).

Another solution would be to use a "Request Data" task instead of the Flexi Task - but as we know, the Flexi Task has reminders and escalations that the other tasks do not.


Is the document check-in a bug ?