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Query List / Lookup Item - Autopopulate form

Question asked by angelfish42 on Jul 23, 2015
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I have been looking around the forums but I am not sure if I can find a solution at present.


I am trying to reproduce something similar to this post (which is shown in SharePoint)


Create a link to display, edit and create new items from a dialog (layover) in SharePoint - Azure, SharePoint & More - S…


What we are trying to achieve is the following -


1.     Lookup a specific item in a sharepoint list (which know can be achieved by a lookup).

2.     When this has been found open up that specific item that matches the specific ID in the lookup


The best solution that I have found is below -




*However* this is dependent on knowing the ID of specific items on a sharepoint list.  Obviously we do not know the ID of the relevant sharepoint item.  We are interested in bringing up the sharepoint item which matches the lookup


for example Where the lookup ID = 1 and the SharePoint List Item = 1


Any ideas if I can replace the ID=4 for something else or is this a sharepoint question?