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Changing the background colour of a button dynamically

Question asked by tkhan on Jul 20, 2015
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is there a way to change the background colour of a button control dynamically , on a nintex form ?

For example:

I have a 2 buttons as Yes and No on a nintex forms. If the button Yes is clicked , i would like to change the background colour to Green and Red when button No is clicked


I'm seeing different behaviours on Desktop layout and mobile app layouts of the Nintex forms.

1. I'm able to use JavaScript and add the JS function name to the onclick events of the buttons but Whenever the button Yes or No is clicked, the event fires and the page gets refreshed, and desired background for the buttons is not set.

2. If I add a rule to apply formatting based on some value. the background colour doesn't get applied on the desktop layout but it does reflect on the mobile app layout for iPhone.


Why is the page getting refreshed on click of the button. eventhough i have not selected the button properties as save/submit.