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Populating WF date/time variable in Site Collection Reusable WF

Question asked by on Jul 20, 2015
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I am developing a Site Collection Reusable Workflow based on
a Content type.  The Content Type is
based on an Event.  My issue is setting a
WF variable that captures the Start Time accurately.  The WF variable is always being populate with
1/1/0001.   If I refer to this list
column in a notification and use the Item Property then it records it correctly
in that email, however, it records the time part of the date as well.  I am hoping to collect the correct date from the
form and then to remove the time part.


I am able to successfully populate the WF variable when the
WF is on a single list.  It seems to be
the Content Type that is causing the issue when I want to stuff this time value
into a WF variable.