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Reduce Nintex Form size

Question asked by jackgelo Champion on Jul 20, 2015
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I'm realizing a workflow with Nintex Workflow and I have to customize also the task forms.

My form layout is very easy: I've changed the logo and removed all displayed item properties, leaving only the Outcome, Comments field and the link to the workflow status.

I've added only a label with a brief description of the task and two lines of javascript to set a default value for the Outcome field.

Only default layouts (Desktop, Smartphone and iPad) have been realized, Smartphone and iPad with a replace from the Desktop layout.


I've been very surprised when I've tried to export the form: it has grown up to 1,11 Mb..


I have 5 tasks in my workflow and because of this my workflow size is considerable more bigger than 500 Kb, so it doesn't respect best practices guidelines for workflows..


Do you know why my forms are so big? Do you have any best practices when designing a task form?