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Dynamically add a new row to a repeating section

Question asked by tkhan on Jul 19, 2015
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Hi ,


I'm a newbie to the Nintex forms and technology but i'm really amazed by its capabilities. At the moment i'm designing a form for a customer and have two requirements .


1. I have a repeating section with the name "myrepsection" and I have another radio button with the name "MyRadBtn".On selecting yes in the radiobutton, i want a new repeating section row to be added within my repeating section "myrepsection" . Please keep in mind i have number of repeating sections on the form.

2. Is there a way to pre-populate a the first text box within the first row of a repeating section with current users. I'm able to populate the text box with the current user name within a repeating section.but this behavior is getting repeated in each row of the repeating section.  I just want the first textbox in the first row of the repeating section to be pre populated.


Any help is greatly appreciated.