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Format control based on this OR that

Question asked by dgoodridge on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by mapeacock

Greetings all,


I'm having problems this morning conditionally hiding a control based on two conditions. Hardware is a multichoice field, (which I realize after further work needs to be evaluated as contains(Hardware,"Other") to equal true if more than one item are selected), and Computer_Type is a single choice field.


I'm trying to reveal a people picker when Hardware type is "Other" or Computer Type is "Non-Standard Equipment." I also tried just breaking this into two separate rules but that won't work because one rule supersedes the other...


I have tried the following:


The following only evaluates true if BOTH are true

(Hardware!="Other" || Computer_Type!="Non-Standard Equipment")

(Hardware!="Other") || (Computer_Type!="Non-Standard Equipment")

or(Hardware!="Other",Computer_Type!="Non-Standard Equipment")


These conditions break the form preview entirely (it just appears blank)

(Hardware!="Other" or(Computer_Type!="Non-Standard Equipment")) //I get why this broke after reading the Help file

if(Hardware!="Other" | | Computer_Type!="Non-Standard Equipment", True, False) //I added a space in between the pipes, because there was a space between them in the Help file

if(Hardware!="Other"| |Computer_Type!="Non-Standard Equipment", True, False) //Again with the space...


And these conditions just do nothing...

or(contains(Hardware,"Other"), (Computer_Type!="Non-Standard Equipment"))

if(Hardware!="Other" || Computer_Type!="Non-Standard Equipment", True, False)