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Extremely simple Start Form modification

Question asked by devinmcmahoniv4 on Jul 17, 2015

Most of the workflows in my environment are fired with Create or Update events, so the Start Form is never really seen by most users.  However, I have one workflow where the users can designate a recipient and then mail a formatted report to the user.  The report is formatted inside of a simple email notification step.


All is good and it works, however, I noticed on the Start Form that it does not show the title or number of the item, which would be helpful for a user to just verify that they are sending out the right record.


I really just want to copy StartWorkflow.aspx and make a very small change to include the item title somewhere and then use that Start Form for this particular workflow.


I do not have Nintex Forms, and I am hoping someone else has done something similar in making a very small tweak to StartWorkflow.aspx and provide simple guidance to how I can make this modification, I would be most appreciative.