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Removing Nintex eventreceivers from SharePoint list

Question asked by boj on Jul 17, 2015
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I have a SharePoint 2010 list with a Nintex workflow attached. The workflow is never run automatically but only started from code..


The list have 3 standard Nintex eventreceivers:

ItemUpdating (Synchronous)

ItemUpdated (Synchronous)

ItemAdded (Synchronous)


The listitems are all synchronous and when a listitems is updated ItemUpdating and ItemUpdated will be run, but never run a workflow. This has performance issues on out environment as the listitems are updated very often in large batches and since the eventreceivers are synchronous they will deloy the thread.


Is it "safe" to remove the eventreceivers or set them to Asynchronous ?

What will be the impact of removeing them and will they be added again if I update the workflow or add another one?