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How to create subfolder?

Question asked by suolon on Jul 15, 2015
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I'm using Nintex Forms and Workflow on Office 365.


I have a Document Library where I have created a bunch of new Document Content Types, examples includes "Custom Folder", "My Word Document", "My Excel Document".

The Document Content Types also has metadata included (eg. Title (default), and Industries).


I am trying to create a Nintex Workflow that will check if a new item is created based on the "Custom Folder", if it is, then I want the workflow to create a bunch of sub folders within the Custom Folder.


I have done some searches online, but all lead to an action called "Create Item", but what is only available to me is "Create list Item", which has a different set up than "Create item".


So the question is, how can I automatically create sub folders under the parent Custom Folder?  and then also set the metadata to inherit from the parent?