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Does unchecking Allow Delegation in a task take away the ability to delegate it through web services?

Question asked by amywilliford on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by amywilliford

If I uncheck Allow Delegation in a workflow task, will I still be able to delegate that task using web services DelegateTask method? I have some users that have the permission level to see the delegate task link and they use delegation even though we have explained numerous times that delegation is not part of this specific process (as far as they are concerned). I can't change their permission level below contribute so that is not an option. I only need 3 specific people to be able to delegate tasks so I set up an additional workflow which uses DelegateTask method of Nintex web services (as outlined in this blog post by Dan Stoll). Since I have the way to delegate the task through the workflow, I want to remove the Allow Delegation in the task itself...but will that make the task "un-delegatable" by the web service?


I may be overthinking this waaaay too much.