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Nintex Live - Accessing Nintex live forms

Question asked by krishnachaluvadi on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by mgreene


I have created a Nintex form and attached simple Nintex workflow with a "Assign a Flex task".  And I published to Nintex live and I see the published form is available at "Nintex Live Forms" from CA.

I have registered my "Windows Live" account through "Nintex Mobile Apps 2013 --> Register With Nintex Live" and see it got registered successfully, "Your registration to Nintex Live was successful", I got this message.

When I browse the published form using its url,, I prompted to select one of the provider. When selected "Sign in with Windows Live", I got a message like,


Please verify your identity by signing in with one of the providers listed below.

The emails associated with the authenticated profile are not authorized to access the form. Please choose another identity provider.
The list of emails from the profile are:

What could be the issue?


I also faced same issue when tired with "Sign in with Google".