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Is it posible for nintex workflow trigger everyday/interval to send email?

Question asked by mrinmoydas on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by ssatras

I am very new to Nintex workflow. I know that Nintex has
quite a lot of functionality but haven’t got much chance to work on it. I am
trying to build a workflow with the following requirement. Please share your
thoughts which will help me build these or give me better understanding what I
need to do to achieve it.

Scenario –

We have a SharePoint List which user generates once a year.
This list will have lots of list item/task (500 or more each year). Each task
is associated with a process which is a different list and has on/off text
field to indicate if the list item associated with the process need to trigger
workflow or not. Each of the list Item has a “start date” and “preparer (AD
person/user)”. Each task on the list will have different start date. The business need is for preparers to receive a notification
email at the start date of the individual list item.


Issue –

In my understanding I need to find a way which will trigger
the workflow every day. Let’s say workflow need to run at 12:01 am each day.
When it run it need to look at the logic if start date = today. If yes send email
to the task that has start date =today. Then stop the workflow and run again
after 24 hours.

Is there a way I can achieve this. I thought this could be
simple since all the value including process on/off in a single list (current
item). But not exactly sure what I need to do to achieve this in nintex.