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Nintex Forms - Date format stored in Form Data

Question asked by cutty on Jul 12, 2015

We have a Medical Details form with lots of fields. We don't store any of the data in the SharePoint list, rather extract it from the form using a Nintex Workflow for later updating of our system of record (a SQL database).


Problem is that date fields seem to be stored in the form in US format. If I look at the content of a date field in the FormData xml I can see:


<MedicareExpiryDate type="System.DateTime">12/31/2015 00:00:00</MedicareExpiryDate>


which is clearly in US format.


Now, locale settings on the SharePoint site are English Australia. In the form the data appears in dd/mm/yyyy format (the date format is specified in the form).


Problem is that when I subsequently extract the field above using the workflow, it keeps it as a US date and the workflow fails because it tries to treat the date as an Australian one.


Is this the way it is supposed to be stored in the form? If that is the case, I can handle the format in the workflow. But I hesitate to do that in case it's not and something changes later that means the workflow breaks again.