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Nintex Workflow with Infopath forms and Lazy Approval not working as expected

Question asked by arunaavinash on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by stripuramallu


I am using an Approval workflow using nintex workflow

I updated the task forms using InfoPath.

I am using request data instead of assign flexi task as I need some input from the approver.

In the Email, I get the form , but its not working as expected. If I approve/reject it always go to reject and other values are not retained. What I should do now?

This is my Email structure

Dear Manager,

A draft request is pending your review for approval as requested per the attached documents .


To respond to this request via Sharepoint site, Please click here



Draft Request Details:

Transaction ID: 355
Detailed reason:



---Form Start---

Confirm/Approve Draft Request:[No]Drop down
Rejection Reasons[blank]-Drop down, couldn't get the values in drop down
Explanation[   ]Multiline

---Form End---

LazyApproval enabled. You can reply by filling in the values between the square brackets in the body of the message.