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How to use repeating section and assign parallel tasks at runtime

Question asked by chands on Jul 8, 2015
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Hello all,

We are using nintex workflow( with nintex form(


As per my requirement, I have 3 Users in workflow : 1)Application Planner 2)Application Owner 3)UAT. For each user there is one content type associated with nintex form.


In Application Planner form,there are fields like, Application name, Application Owner.

I have used "repeating section" control in nintex form so that Planner can create multiple "Applications" for multiple "Application owner" Tasks should be assigned parallaly to  "Application Owner"


In Application Owner form,there is field like, UAT.

Owner can create multiple "UAT" and further task will be assigned to all "UAT" parallaly.


For, this, I have parsed XML of Repeating section using nintex workflow actions.

How can I assign multiple tasks parallaly, number of branches are not known while creating workflow. (i.e. it is determined at the runtime)


However "Parallal task" action requires fix number of branches while creating workflow.


I need all the stages in one list, one workflow and on one item.


How can I achieve this ? Suggestions please



Thanks in advance.